Our Philosophy

Haridev Formulations is one of the major ayurvedic, herbal products manufacturing company in kerala that has undertaken substantial efforts in the manufacture of quality ayurvedic medicines, Herbal Hair care, skin care cosmetics products, herbal extracts & Nutraceutical products.

Our plant is equipped with modern sophisticated equipments and extensive mechanisation has taken place as a consequence of adapting the latest pharmacutical manufacturing techniques. At Haridev Formulations, we will continue to focus on research and build credibility for herbal medicines and personal care products. Our customers understand that all our products are a result of years of research.

We always

Focus On Quality

Extracts from a single herb or a combination of herbs are initially tested on disease models of cell lines to evaluate the efficacy of the drug. Once efficacy is confirmed, these extracts undergo rigorous toxicity tests and mutagen studies to ensure that testing on humans is safe. The extracts are formulated into the desired dosage forms (capsules, tablets, caplets, syrups, and drops) and then enter human clinical trials. All clinical trials follow Indian and international norms on human subject testing.

ISO 9001:2018







Lab Facility

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Our Specialties

WHO-GMP approved manufacturing facilities

Clinical trials for efficacy and safety of products

700+ Certified Ayurvedic Products

Advanced analytical instrumentation to support product development

Experienced team to support every stage of product manufacturing

Private Labeling Facility Third Party Contract Manufacturing

Qualified personnel who are regularly trained to ensure updated competence

Cultivation Farm Our own Cultivation Farm

FSSAI Food Safety

Certificate of analysis for every batch of the products manufactured

High-Tech Laboratary In House High – Tech Laboratary with most modern testing equipment.

Halal Halal Certified

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