White Label Products

White Label Products

Third Party Manufacturing

Haridev Formulations is one of the trusted Herbal Product Manufacturer – contract manufacturing companies having over 1200 approved Ayush formulations and offer the best private label products to help you grow your business. We are Our formulations are prepared with phytochemical agents, and significant Ayurvedic companies use this phytochemical agent methodology.

As a third party manufacturing pharma company, we manufacture our products in all advanced forms like tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, semisolids, malts, powders, granules, churans, oils, and manufacturing of herbal cosmetics includes creams, face-wash, lotions, ointments, paste, serums, facial kits. Our plant utilises highly sophisticated, fully automatic, and semi-automatic machines. The raw material and finished formulations undergo stringent quality test under our lab.

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Focus On Research

As leading third party manufacturers of ayurvedic health products in India, we understand our responsibilities and the type of effort we need to give so as to achieve a maximal in the use of herbal products. By constantly researching on the growing demand for ayurvedic health products and a desire to achieve maximum fitness goals, we are coming up with third party contract for manufacturing services of ayurvedic herbal products and medicines. Our services in this field are exceptional as we design the products precisely as per the demands of the clients. Right from inception to its branding, we cover every aspect to meet the desired requirements as third party manufacturers of ayurvedic health products.


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Lab Facility

What we follow

Traditional & Modern

The composition of our team constitutes of qualified Ayurvedic doctors, health product specialists, licensed chemists, quality testing engineers, sound administration and a team beaming with energy for brand recognition services. The combined efforts of our stalwarts produces efficient Ayurvedic Health Products.

We follow best Ayurveda principles and advanced medicines techniques mentioned in traditional Ayurvedic text like Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia, Bhav Prakash Nighantu, Charak Samhita, Ratanvalli, and Materia Medica. We pride ourselves in manufacturing ayurvedic medicines and products implementing modern herbal manufacturing methods. Our expertise is to infuse ancient ayurvedic science with modernity. Our manufacturing plant has WHO-GMP, ISO 9001, AYUSH, Halal, and FSSAI Certifications.

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Contract Manufacturing/ Private Labelling

Haridev Formulations is one of the leading Herbal Product Manufacturer – Private Labelling company in India, also known for its Third-Party contract manufacturing service. We deal in a wide variety of trusted Ayurvedic & Herbal Products. 

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Our Specialties

➤Wide Range of Private Label Products: Based on our experience in the Ayurvedic Manufacturing Industry, Haridev Formulations has developed a wide range of Herbal & Ayurvedic Products for Private Labelling.

 Own R&D Team: With an experienced R&D Team, we customise our formulation according to Your Needs.

 Authentic Products: We use 100% natural & Authentic herbs to enhance the product’s effectiveness.

 Own Label Designing Team: With immense creativity, our Designing team creates Private Labels of Your Brand Name according to the Trend and Customer Demand.

 Certification: We register all Private Labelling Products according to Government’s Guidelines.

 Quality Check: All the product’s quality is checked at our high-tech testing lab.

➤ We maintain strict control over the processes so that we adhere to your timelines.

➤ Advanced Packaging & Labelling Option is provided to satisfy your needs and to match current business trend.

➤ All the products we manufacture are natural, organic and have met all the quality parameters set by the clients and the industry.

➤ Final Products are packed & dispatched to your location.